Mick bricht eine Lanze für Ian....

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Mick bricht eine Lanze für Ian....

Beitrag von Whistling Catfish » Do Jan 08, 2009 8:44 pm


in einem brandneuen Interview bricht Mick Abrahams eine Lanze für Ian:
Mick A. Interview hat geschrieben: (...)
FAW: So, despite the anger in [the way] you left Jethro Tull, you and Ian have really always been on good terms..

MA: We don't live out of each other's pockets, we're not the same people. But he is an honest man. All sorts of people have come up to me to "get me onside" including a couple of ex-members of Jethro Tull for their own reasons, financial or otherwise. People have said "you know what he's like...." I've said [to those people] "it's your beef with Ian, don't try to bring me onside and start a war, I'm not interested"

FAW: You call it as you see it - you get on with the guy.

MA: Ian's been nothing but honest with me. Yes, we had a bad time. But what I truly believe is that Ian did what he had to do and I did what I had to do. What I didn't approve of is the method. I do truly agree that I was not to be a future asset to Jethro Tull because it wasn't me. Ian was proven right and I respect him for that. I still think to this day, that the problem was the management that split that band. As I found out this year, the same guy was instrumental in breaking up Blodwyn Pig! Draw your own conclusion from that statement....

FAW: At least at this stage of your life, there's no bad blood with Ian

MA: Not at all. I really enjoy playing with the old boy. I enjoy his company, he's a very witty gut with a dry sense of humour. Of nearly all the people who say bad things about him, I know him a lot better than a lot of these people.
Das ganze Interview ist auf http://www.apexpublishing.co.uk/pubDeta ... 187&List=3 zu finden.

Viele Grüße,
I wish I was a Catfish, swimmin' in the deep blue sea....

Jack Green
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Beitrag von Jack Green » Do Jan 08, 2009 9:18 pm

Netter Kerl, dieser Mick. :-)

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Beitrag von Ulla » Fr Jan 09, 2009 2:40 pm

Jack Green hat geschrieben:Netter Kerl, dieser Mick. :-)
Nicht immer.
Witzig ist, dass er natürlich in Interviews das brave Unschildslamm gibt und - so wie hier - immer die anderen Schuld sind.
Naja, so isser halt, aber glauben dürft ihr nicht alles, was er sagt. Ich hab da so meine Erfahrungen mit ihm ....
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