"What ifs, maybes and might-have-beens" .....

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"What ifs, maybes and might-have-beens" .....

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War mir bisher völlig unbekannt:

http://steeleye.freeservers.com/pkintpa ... KHG3aa8XGc
. During your time with Steeleye were you ever approached by another band to join and, if so, which band and in what capacity?

When I left Steeleye with Bob, we did both get together with Dave Cousins with the view of maybe joining the Strawbs, but nothing came of it. I was asked to join Jethro Tull and even went as far as talking money with Ian Anderson, but I decided that I didn’t really want to play bass guitar, and that it wasn’t in my nature to jump out from behind an amp with fireworks going off. Steeleye had toured with Tull in the States and it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I recommended Dave Pegg who took the job. It was my mate Barry Barlow who tried to rope me in. I still see him. Great guy.
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