Doane Perry Online AOL Chat (1998-02-26)

Über früh oder lang wird die Website abgeschaltet, bzw. mit Leere gefüllt. Es bleibt dann nur noch dieses Board. Hier kommen lesenswerte (?) alte Artikel rein, um sie für die Zukunft zu bewahren. Sie können natürlich gerne diskutiert werden.

In the near future, (which is long defunkt) will be deleted. I'll copy good reads from the old website into this part of the board, which -of course- can be discussed here.
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Doane Perry Online AOL Chat (1998-02-26)

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Doane Perry Online AOL Chat february 26, 1998
I got the logfile of Doane's AOL Chat and did a transkription to an interview style for better reading. Doane changed screenname later to NCMCStormy. Here it is:

DoanePerry:Doane would like to say hello...anything I type herafter will be
directly form him. :)

DoanePerry:First questions please:
HSIRI1:When is the next Tull CD coming out, and does it have a title yet?
DoanePerry:Ian is currently writing matieral back home in England as we speak he's also concurrently working on matiearl for his next solo album. There's material that's all together.Soem may end up being his solo matieral, he's working on that now.We'll start recording probably by the end of the summer/early fall.With a a view towards having the album completed by the end of the year, if not before. Which means that we won't do any major touring till next year.However, we may be doing possibly some concerts this summer, but there's nothing definate yet.
DoanePerry:Next question, please.

JETTULL:Welcome.....Doane..... anything for the 30th anniversary?
DoanePerry: We don't have a 30th anniversary tour as such planned in the same way we did on the 25th. IE: Coinciding directly with the 30th calander anniversary. The reason for this is that last year we toured extensively in
Europe and some places in America, as well as the year before. And so it seemed like a good idea for everybody to have a little rest before the next major studio record and tour...but it will be new matieral as opposed to a retrospective.
Next, please. :)

JWichlacz:andy and shona told me of plans for a website, any info?

DoanePerry: Well, we would like to have an official Tull website, perhaps one even goverened by the band itself, Chrysalis had one that was recently abandionded, as you probably know, when they were absorbed Into EMI. As a result, most of the info about us on the web comes from the unoffical sites, such St. Cleve Chronicles and a few other sources, though I've recently discovered a number of other Tull related websites.
In answer to the question, we hope we will have an official Tull website that we would have some control over as, unfortunatly, even with the best intentioned individuals, I do see a great deal of misinformation about the band. However,I am not voulenteering for the job of webmaster of our site or any other.Right now, myself and, Andy and Ian are the only ones using the computer..and Shona of course, to that extent, so we would have to have some trusted individual that has the time and incination to run for us. But we look forward to the eventual formation of a JT website. And I'd like to ask a question! My question to all of you is this: Apart from the usual information that you find on the Tull www sites that currently exsist, what would you like to see on ours that you don't see somewhere else? AND NO RUDE PICTURES!~!@!
Next? :)

PhasedIn:Ok, Hi Doane..who are your favorite/most infuential musicians, any
genre (Jazz, rock, ect)?
DoanePerry: I have to say...porbably, Stephane Grapelli, a French violi=
nist, Yehudi Menuhanin, who I had the pleasure of meeting recently, Ringo
Starr, who I told him that I had become a professional musician because of him. And I said that if I had been playing music at all apart from drums, I would have been playing piano badly somewhere, to which he replaied,"That's what I aspire to do!"
PhasedIn:Thank You...Yes, Grapelli just died recently you know ....

NCMCStormy:Sorry for the interuption..and the screen name change. :/ We were talking about Ringo...he was a real gentleman, and it was a real pleasure to meet him! As far as other musical heros, Vaugh Williams is a recent one of mine, who is an English composer from the mid 20th cetury..I loved his writing. Another one is Joe Zawinul on his own, and with Wether Report. And...there's so many, if you saw my record collection, it's the most crazy and ecclectic thing you ever saw.
Next? :)

Jckalynn:Thanks...Hi Doane, nice to have you here. I know that martin Barre
will be touring in Germany. Will you be joining him, and if so, will you play any of your solo stuff, as well. Thanks.

NCMCStormy:Yes, I am going to play on Martin's tour, and we will in fact be
playing some matieral from Thread record. And if you're over there in Europe, I hope you can make it to one of the gigs!
Next? :)

ChSignal:Could you tell me what your drum kit consists of, what advice do
you have for an aspiring progressive rock drummer?

NCMCStormy:I alternate between a Premier Genista, and a Premier Signia drum kit, I don't want to bore you all with the details, not to be rude, I'll get to the other question, but I play single bass drum, double pedal, 24" bass drum toms, 10-12-14-16 and 18, and 7x14 snare, and ever changing array of Paiste cymbals. And a lot of other miriad percussion accoustic and electronic items.Here's the advice part...perservere, practice, dont' get discouraged, play what you like playing,and stay focused on what you want to play, and probably eventually you'll get to play that. But learning some other styles along the way, will be very, very useful! I know because I studied Rock, Jazz, Orchestral, Fusion, Rythm and Blues, every ethnic kind of music imaginable, Latin music, and amazingly, I get to utilize most of this in some form or another within the context of JT. It's also a great benefit to study another instrument, like piano guitar, something for the harmonic development of your musical personality.
Now next. :)

LeeAnn5ft:ok... How is Mark Craney?
NCMCStormy:I spoke to Mark this week, and he's doing pretty well. he's still waiting on the kidney/pancreas transplant. A suitable donor has not yet surfaced. But his spirits are good, and he apprecitates all the support of Tull fans and Drum fans alike.Mark has a CD out, which is avalible which has some unreleased JT matieral, and a lot of other wonderful artists, this will tell you about the record and all the procceds go to him, the place to get information is: and you can e-amail him there, and he would love to hear from you!
Next? :)

TerryLynH:Hi Doane ..Does Ian play to stop touring permanently in the next couple of years?
NCMCStormy:I don't think so...we are certianly planing a tour with the band. And though I can't speak for him, I would imagine he may want to do another solo tour, which I think he found very enjoyable, and all of us who work on it did as well. I think touring/playing live is in all our blood, and when it stops becoming enjoyable for us, it's probably when we will logically stop. But I can't say when that will logically be..I feel we have several good years left. Also, as long as people enjoy coming out to hear us play, hopefully we will be able to hold up our end of the bargin, cause we sure enjoy it!

Jckalynn:Doane, I know you are in L.A, as I am, I was wondering if your Band ever plays locally, hmm?
NCMCStormy:Ah! Well, funny you should ask...we are playing our first private showcase (Thread) next Saturday, however, tis' by invitation's an industry thing, there's some other artist who are's kind of a
benefit, no it's not a benefit... it's a showcase for Thread, but we will be playing proper gigs around the Southern CA area beginning April/May, so please keep an eye out for it, we would love to see you! Thanks for asking, hope you can find the Thread record in the mean time..if you don't have it already.

JETTULL:What do you do on the road to relax? and can I buy you a drink later tonight?
NCMCStormy:Where are you? I'm not on the road! I'm not that much of a drinker, though I had some red wine last night, to relax on the road I do two things, I read a lot, and I also take a small keyboard/computer setup with me, so I can write music on days off or afternoons at the hotel, I find that very relaxing. A lot of the same things I do to relax at home..I'm a little bit
of a workaholic by nature, I have to remind myself to take time out to have a holiday, and a date with my wife.
Next? :)

HSIRI1:Saw ya'll in Baltimore last summer during horrific electrical storm on Pier. were any of you worried about being elctrocuted?? (argh, I was worried for you !)
NCMCStormy:No, but I was really shocked psychologically by the thunder clap which if memory serves me correctly, came right after the tumbling down a flight of stair with abox drums, drum fill at the end of Farm on the freeway! It was quite exciting really, it made me laugh! That is one reason why I'm very grateful that most of the time I play an accoustic instrument. I would not want to have been Martin Barre playing on stage in that storm. As a follow did blow our half the PA. Our soundman is very, very good..
HSIRI1:I was impressed the band did not stop.

DrABQ43:OK! Any Tull box sets in the future?
NCMCStormy:Not at the moment, we're just going to work on new matieral.
NCMCStormy:Next? :)

PESCHULZ:It sounds like new Tull material is demoed out by Ian at home, then sent to band members. Do you miss the opportunity for studio collaborations like the way the older material was developed?
NCMCStormy: Well actually, it's differnt every time. Roots to Branches was like that..we were all there together, and working on stuff, and it was very much a group arranged effort. However,since we are off the road, and everybody has their respective homes, Ian is taking the time to write and try to come up with the best matieral he can, happens a lot of different ways. Some times, all he will have as a demo will be the skeletal structure of the song, and then we put it together in the studio. Sometimes he has more things worked out in his head but it's never all one way or another. In any even, it's always a collaberation once we are all working together.

JCSMDFACS:30 year fan-love and play the music- any score from Andy from Divinities?
NCMCStormy: I'm sorry, I don't understand the question?
JCSMDFACS: Musical score of Divinities
NCMCStormy: I'm not aware if there is sheet music for Divinities, though it
is possible. Might try checking with Hal Leonard Publishing, or Cherry Lane music. Sorry I don't have the ultimate answer on that.

TerryLynH:Doane, I heard Glenn Cornick was sick. How is he and is he still playing a Molly Malone's in Los Angeles?
NCMCStormy:Glenn is much better, thank you, he had a slight heart attack last year, which he appears to be fully recovered from. I saw him at the Tull convention in Burlington, and he looked very well. I don't know if he is still playing at Molly Malone' them to find out.
TerryLynH:Thank you Doanne
NCMCStormy:Thanks for enquiring.

TheWB11: on the last tour you played an unfamiliar "jam" before the LITP encore,will that be recorded?
NCMCStormy:That infact is not Dharma for One, it is in fact a truncated Version of a version of Aqualung that we performed on Divinities, done With a Bo Diddly type rhythm, it was really created as ling of an encore piece. If you can get a hold of a bootleg tape of the Divinites tour, you will hear it in it's fully adorned glory.

ARLeighton: I just want to thank stormy for her patience in transcribing doane's comments you rock, mama!

LBabbin:Hi Doane its Larry, what has been your favorite tour and what did you think of the 1992 tour you missed !!
NCMCStormy: All the tours have had highlights for different reasons, so I don't think I could ick one, to be fair, and I can't comment on the 1992 tour that I missed, cause I didn't see it!
LBabbin:I will send a tape !!
NCMCStormy:Amazingly, I've tried to get a A Little Light music on CD, and they stil haven't sent me one!

DrABQ43:Saw the Albuquerque show in Nov., great stuff, but band was solo act, is this the band's preference to perform solo?
NCMCStormy:Not always, we've had some fantastic support acts over the years, however, for the real die hard Tull fans, giving us that additional hour to play is something they would probably prefer, unless they are real fans of both groups. I personally prefer playing a long show IE 2 hours or more, I don't enjoy as much when we go and play festivals and only hour. I like my work!

Jckalynn:The convention got mentioned earlier on, did you guys have fun doing that? I know that...I and the folks I know that went, had a great time! it was worth the trip from L.A. for me & your drum solo contest was a kick, thanks!
NCMCStormy:We had a great time! We were all slightly apprehensive
beforehand,having never done one as a group, and having no idea how it would
unfold. But it was fun,and probably unlike any larger concert they would have ever seen..and same for us. Thanks for making the trip.
Jckalynn:Yes, it was great, thanks to you and the band!

HSIRI1:Is the band aware of the fan-backed attempt to install Tull in the Rockand Roll Hall of Fame soon? Like in, this year (for the 30th?)
NCMCStormy:No not really, that's nice to know, but no, I'm not particualarly
aware of some big fan backed attempt to install us in the Hall of Fame. It'll have to be for the 31st anniversary, cause I think they missed the 30th. :)

ARLeighton:Doane says sometimes he has to read A New Day to find out what we're doing. ARLeighton:to get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ian did supply some flutes and other things for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum when it opened a few years ago. He was invit ed to the opening parties, as well. (It's very expensive for all folks to attendt these rock and roll hall of fame banquets, and he passed on the dinner). However, I-- Anne-- had seen enough notes from fans about the rock and roll hall of fame-- that I made a call to their offices, and asked them-- on my behalf-- how come Tull has never even been nominated. The answer I received was that the band had gotten lots of nominations in the pre-balloting phase meaning, various folks in the industry said, "Tull should be in the Hall of Fame." The folks who vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are many record label heads, and very established writers... However the Hall of Fame offices were not willing to release a list of voters to me. I asked. But I will say this, THE WALK OF FAME in Fargo, ND, did induct Jethro Tull... and they've inducted a range of folks from Dear
Abbey to Def Leppard. Now, I'm done!

NCMCStormy:JAS, Doane has a follow up, then he'll answer...
NCMCStormy:I had donated my Thick as a Brick suit that some people will remember on the Catfish Rising tour, I think that' sthe one I wore it on, along with a marked up setlist and a pair of drumsticks I used on the Tongiht Show gig
that they asked for. They had solicted me for them. And I did wash the suit, after at tour you can imagine the state
that was in, and I was quite fond of it, so I hope they didn't throw it in a box. If any fan has seen it there, I'd be curious to know if it's there.

PESCHULZ:Has the band considered a series of archieval live releases ala the Grateful Dead, King Crimson or even Zappa's "Beat the Boots"?
NCMCStormy:There is a wealth of archival matieral out there now. We are currently planning releasing only new matieral. Next?

TheWB11:why didn't the band make any videos for the RTB album, will Tull ever make any more videos?
NCMCStormy:Good question! We assume it is because the record company..well it's two reasons..there had been discussion about a video, unfortunately, Chrysalis was in the process of being absorbed into EMI when Roots to Branches was being released. As a result, a lot of things got lost in the transition from one company to another, one of them being the making of a video. We hope there will be more interest in a video the next time around.

JETTULL:Are you going to see Fairport Convention next month in LA?
NCMCStormy:Indeed I am and I'm looking forward to it.

UKR7:Doane, what are your favorite songs to play live? Which do you find most difficult,...
NCMCStormy:There are no songs that I don't enjoy playing, they are all equally challenging in different ways,
whether my part is ambitious or minimal. There are some songs that are technically quite demanding to play such as Songs From the Wood, Black Sunday, when we did perform it, Dangerous the top of my head, but every song requires a lot of attention to the feel which is always the most important factor.
Last question or two...Doane has to go practice. :)

Jckalynn:Since you are winding down, let me just say thank you for chatting with us, and please, pass on to Mark our Best Wishes, not that I'm rushing you... Practice? practice what?? hahaha see you at the fairport show!

(from website, February 1998)
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