New Live Album "Full House For Sale" Live@Cropredy 2022

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New Live Album "Full House For Sale" Live@Cropredy 2022

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Those of you who were at Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2022 will know that we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of our 1970 LP Full House (albeit two years late thanks to Covid-19 restrictions). The original line-up of Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg (with Chris Leslie filling the shoes of the late great Dave Swarbrick) took to the Cropredy stage to perform the whole album.

We recorded the show and the result is a magnificent musical memento of a stunning live performance. If you were in the field that night, this CD will let you relive the occasion; if you couldn’t make it then now’s your chance to savour what you missed.

Titled Full House For Sale, the new album will be available throughout Fairport’s forthcoming Winter Tour (which features Dave Mattacks). However, if you don’t want to wait that long you can pre-order your copy direct from our online store from Monday 9 January. Postal services permitting, delivery will be by the end of the month. (A point worth remembering is buying direct from the online store means we won't have to pay venue sales commission - every little helps.) If you buy online but want your copy autographed just bring the CD to the show and we’ll be delighted to sign it for you.

Running order –

1. Walk Awhile

2. Doctor of Physick

3. Dirty Linen

4. Sloth

5. Sir Patrick Spens

6. Flatback Caper

7. Poor Will and the Hangman

8. Flowers of the Forest

9. Bonus Track - Jenny's Chickens /Mason's Apron
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Re: New Live Album "Full House For Sale" Live@Cropredy 2022

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Das Cover ist genial!